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Your Banda (2021) | Inkquisitive Art


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Take here a moment I imagined, of the Tenth Guru consoling Banda Singh Bahadur while allowing him to be seated on his trusted companion horse. The Guru in the realisation of what is near listening to Banda on his earlier memory as a child-killing a pregnant deer with his arrow who was carrying twin unborn offsprings. The Guru, in my mind, allows Banda to see the miracle of life by showing witness to other deer in the depth of the forest now that he is older.

Despite painting Bandas’ stance looking down and unenthusiastic in the presence of the Guru, it could just be he has witnessed two bricks on the ground of the forest and reminded of the Gurus two younger sons being bricked alive; which at this very moment would ignite a fire to take revenge for what the Mughals did, which later he succeeded in doing so.

This piece is not only a rare painting of both the Tenth Guru and Banda Singh Bahadur in conversation but also a reminder to have faith in the struggle. To see beauty in the surroundings and fruitful reminders in the dirt. If we all open our eyes, God is in the details.

The Tenth Guru decided that no physical being would follow on to be the Eleventh Guru and that the Guru-ship all to the Guru Granth Sahib. This led the Guru to command Banda Singh Bahadur the leader of the Khalsa army of which his life and story would be instrumental and courageous.



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