Can Inkquisitive Paint You?

Whether it’s been for Bollywood Icons such as Madhuri Dixit and Kareena Kapoor, International football icons like Mesut Ozil, Punjabi Stars such as Gurdas Maan and Jaz Dhami, legendary rappers like LL Cool J, or even the FATHERS of Legendary Rappers, like Drakes Dad, Dennis Graham, it’s been an absolute pleasure to do private commissions for them all, the list truly goes on. Swipe across to seem them up close!


Though not publicised as much in the past 8 years, slots are open to the public ONLY twice a year and private commissions happen to be one of my most desired responsibilities and achievements as an Illustrator. There's no greater joy for an artist to have the responsibility to bring to life someone’s vision. So thank you for your trust if you’ve ever booked in with me and my team!


2017 saw me successfully complete over 250 private commissions, each being different from the other. In total, I've probably completed close to 700 private commissions for some of you, whether it was for a:


- Wedding Gift
- Tribute or Memorial
- Birthday Portrait
- Christmas Gift
- Restaurant Art
- Me turning up do Live Painting at events!


PUBLIC COMMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN now, for the end of the year. Christmas always seems far away and so does any summer events, but PLEASE do book in with the team now if you’d be interested in a private commission by yours truly! And since next year sees some very exciting plans, with travel 😉 (did I say too much?), I cannot confirm how many slots, if any, will be open next year to the public.

slots ARE available for private commissions so please get in touch with my team at do not DM as they get lost in fanmail).

Not many folks think of Art as a gift, but something timeless is always greater than something trending. Remember that... Really excited to work with you and having the honour in making you your own Inkquisitive Illustration.


Private Commissions

With respect to private commissions, many hours, if not days and weeks go into the creation of a bespoke piece.  Therefore, upon receipt of payment and once the artwork process has begun, no refunds are offered.