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I think the Guru just loved being with animals. Because animals would remind the Guru of the simplicity of life. Away from the tyranny, battle blood, and responsibility bestowed on them, it was a way to see the other side. But not just for the Guru, but also for those creatures in their presence, especially the Guru’s horse and trusted companion.

Do we ever care to wonder about the horror of blood, sword clanging, and death the Gurus horse would have witnessed too? The spill of blood on his body as the Guru would strike his blow against the Mughal Army. The consistent courage to gallop through the masses of the army up against the Sikh Kingdom? Do we wonder? I did.

Do we go even a little further to think how different the Gurus horse would have felt? Being born in a coat of blue was not common for a horse. Do we think if the other horses targeted the Gurus horse and let him feel left out? In the same way the Mughal army targeted the Guru for his difference in opinion. It’s unreal how much common ground they both shared if we take the time to wonder. Do we wonder? I did.

And I get it, when the Guru must have been with his horse they both must have given so much care and love to each other. Their differences never mattered, it was a moment of reflection on celebrating their similarities. Being different and standing out was a victory conversation. The Guru letting his horse know this is not the end and his beloved horse having the honour and pleasure to see a side of the Guru not even the army would be witness to. An affectionate and compassionate side without weaponry, conversations on battle formations and armour on. Can you imagine that joy and pleasure as they both go for a early morning walk to the forest. I found that moment in my imagination and present it to you.

In that moment it wasn’t battle sounds, no war cries and no need to water away any blood stains from their bodies. In that moment; it was just them two.

In That Moment (2022) 


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